• Community based visits : the place of visiting the community is where IDPs and refugees . A trained volunteering team on Active listening and communicating provides Psychosocial activities , supervising children activities ; detection and referral of MHPSS cases is one of this team duties , In addition to Follow up of cases and integration MH programs in primary prevention of Mental health problems .
  • Psychosocial Support Center :

A community based center in which psychosocial workers provide focused nonspecialized services to persons with MHPSS complaints that need no specialized interventions . Linking between community based centers , PSS , MH services can be achieved through a coherent and comprehensive referral system and according to the WHO, IASC guidelines .

  • Mental Health Clinic :

The team of MH clinic includes : Psychiatrist , psychotherapist , psychosocial Case manager and community based workers . MH clinic provides specialized and  focused non specialized services : Assessment , Diagnosis and setting a treatment plan and following it up . Referral of severe cases for hospitalization and following them up . The team adopts a comprehensive Bio-psycho-social approach  and implement it in etiology and treatment plan .

  • Protection programs :

These programs target different community groups to ensure self dependence , and enhance MHPSS wellbeing from a protection perspective . These programs can be carried on not only in MHPSS centers but also in community based centers , schools , camps and other community institutions . Design of these programs  helps participants build balance between physical and MHPSS wellbeing . They help  them also to enjoy normal socialization with others around them .

  • Education in Emergencies :

Building capacity of specialized and nonspecialized teams who can actively engage with children who have academic achievement retardation because of being affected with traumatic events . Building skills of teachers to acquire skills on how to lead a classical or alternative class in emergencies . empowerment of trainees to master teaching methodologies for different levels students . Teachers also socially  interact and communicate with students’ parents to integrate them in education process .

  • Capacity Building : training programs that are needed in protection , MHPSS , these programs target specialized( psychologists and mhGAP doctors )  and non specialized staff ( psychosocial workers )  .

Capacity building in primary care aims at improving knowledge and building skells to detect , assess intervene or refer the case to other service providers then following them up .

  • Self care programs :

Syria Bright Future is very concerned with self care programs for her staff and other NGOs’ staff . SBF develops comprehensive programs according to needs on individual and institutional levels to enhance occupational environment input on achievement .

SBF depends on the reality that most humanitarian workers are exposed to stressors , pressures and secondary traumas , where different symptoms arise and  require  personal and institutional care to limit of and intervene with stressors in their beginnings which ensures relevant functional achievement .