Syria Bright Future is a humanitarian , nongovernmental and nonprofit organization .  Founders have started it’s establishment in 2008 in Syria in cooperation with many MHPSS and Protection Specialists .Other nonspecialists from those who had interest in supporting MHPSS programs development   under ( The Syrian Mental Health Group ) .They gathered under the will of enhancing the concept of community based  Protection , Mental Health and psychosocial support .Raising awareness of the public and empowering people to use their capabilities and develop them to enhance Mental Health and psychosocial wellbeing .In 2012 , after the start of Syrian Crisis , The founders of Syria Bright Future  moved into Jordan where they started a volunteering initiative called (How are you ) to provide psychosocial support  , it was merely a group of visits to Syrian refugees including patients who have Mental Health Problems and wounded people .In 2013 the Syria Bright Future was registered officially in Jordan by Jordanian MHPSS specialists under the name of (The Bright Future for Mental Health ) . Then they started implementation of projects related to protection and and MHPSS in Amman , Erbid and Alzatari Camp ; At the same time Activities of the organization continued inside Syria .After that the Syria Bright Future has reached a stage where it can provide Protection and MHPSS services in neighboring  countries like Turkey , in which the organization was registered in 752014 under the name (Syria Bright Future ) with a license No 177042014.

Syria Bright Future has experts in applying Protection and MHPSS projects inside Syria and neighboring countries .